Iris Fisher

Dwarf Bard


Height: 4’5” Hair Color: Brown
Weight: 150 lbs Eye Color: Blue

Likes: Music, Dwarves, Seafood, expensive jewelry, dance, money
Dislikes: Slavers, noblemen, flying, heights,

Iris is a Dwarf who was born free. One of the few Dwarves who were not born in Blackrock. She was born in Nautilus as an identical twin. She spent most of her days a fishmonger, trying to make enough money to support her ailing father. She was fired for a theft she didn’t commit and faced with the impending death of her father she became what she had never been and stole from the local magistrate to purchase medicine.

Her sister was then mistakenly captured and executed for the the crime in her place. Before Iris could explain the mistake. Her father died shortly afterwards and Iris left Nautilus and started her own business as a traveling merchant. She became quite successful at it. Her charm and charisma earned her many customers.

She is now able to enjoy luxuries she was never able to afford as a child. However you will never see Iris stock, sell or be near a mirrored surface or anything that might cast a reflection. She still see’s the face of her dead twin sister in every passing reflection and her carefree facade breaks for a moment.

You will often see her with talking with a street urchin when she is in a city. She spends a good portion of her free time mentoring young pickpockets in an honorable trade.


Iris Fisher

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